Project Description

Un-belizable Eats

We hadn’t even departed for Belize yet, and I was already drooling over the food.

By Haley France

Remnants from the best lunch ever with the women’s seaweed farming cooperative.


One of my first photo essay ideas was to document the various ways restaurants are being sustainable, and I found myself browsing their menus in the process. “Pre-research,” I called it.

While I ended up going a different way with my photo project, the restaurants I found and fresh seafood I saw were still stuck in my mind. I decided then and there, with the encouragement of my friends and the constant shutting down of the title “Francey Foods,” to dedicate this blog post to them.

Below is my mediocre attempt to honor these delicious meals. But first, in the sake of education and self-reflection, here are my two main takeaways from this experience:

  • I am not made for food blogging. There were countless times that I forgot to take a photo because my hunger just got the best of me.
  • My biggest regret is that I never got to try lionfish. I still think about that.

Alright, now onto the photos!


Haley France

Hi, I’m Haley! I’m a photo and video storyteller at UNC-Chapel Hill with a minor in social and economic justice. When I’m not taking pictures for school or work, I’m busy adding to my sky-appreciation Instagram.